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If you are banned, the ban applies to you specifically - not your account. If you return to the board with a new account, it is considered evasion of your ban.
Do not impersonate members or create multiple accounts.
Do not use large signatures. The width and height limits are 500 by 200 pixels. Any sig over this size will be removed without warning.


Do not bring any material to the forum not suitable for younger visitors, nor racist or homophobic messages.
Do not post any link that goes to something that could damage another member or offend them.
Do not attack another member personally.
Do not evade the censor filter.
Do not discuss any other broswer based games other than Legend Arena.
Refrain from posting spam, messages which do not contribute to a discussion.
Do not advertise on this forum.


Before you create a new topic, use the search engine first to find topics which may already cover your subject and post in these. If you want to create a new topic, use the appropriate forum.
If a thread has been closed or deleted by a moderator, it is intended that the topics held therein are to be discontinued. Unless specific, verifiable consent is given, no member is permitted to recreate such threads.
Use the edit feature to modify your posts. Avoid double-posting. Do not pointlessly revive old topics.

If you have broken these rules you may find yourself warned or banned by a moderator, depending of the severity of the offense. Moderators have the right to act as they will in preventing and deleting inappropriate posts.

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