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#1 11-06-2010 20:35:39

Registered: 05-02-2005
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black jack

hand value should be 15.



11-06-2010 20:35:39


#2 11-06-2010 23:29:34

Registered: 12-02-2005
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Re: black jack

Ace = 1
Ace = 1
3 = 3

1 + 1 + 3 = 5.

It's your lowest hand.



#3 12-06-2010 01:12:46

From: Vancouver Canada
Registered: 05-02-2005
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Re: black jack

This is the way I always understood blackjack to be played

"Dealer stands on all 17s": In this case, the dealer must continue to take cards ("hit") until his total is 17 or greater. An Ace in the dealer's hand is always counted as 11 if possible without the dealer going over 21. For example, (Ace,8) would be 19 and the dealer would stop drawing cards ("stand"). Also, (Ace,6) is 17 and again the dealer will stand. (Ace,5) is only 16, so the dealer would hit. He will continue to draw cards until the hand's value is 17 or more. For example, (Ace,5,7) is only 13 so he hits again. (Ace,5,7,5) makes 18 so he would stop ("stand") at that point.
"Dealer hits soft 17": Some casinos use this rule variation instead. This rule is identical except for what happens when the dealer has a soft total of 17. Hands such as (Ace,6), (Ace,5,Ace), and (Ace, 2, 4) are all examples of soft 17. The dealer hits these hands, and stands on soft 18 or higher, or hard 17 or higher. When this rule is used, the house advantage against the players is slightly increased.
The dealer has no choices to make in the play of his hand. He must simply hit until he reaches at least 17 or busts by going over 21.

So either way ..I guess I dont understand



#4 12-06-2010 08:57:23

Code Monkey
Registered: 03-03-2010
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Re: black jack

Alright, I have explained this a thousand times before, and quite frankly I'm sick of that people do not listen.

1) You may choose when you make a black jack implementation if an Ace becomes 1 if the ace makes you bust, or if you have been bust once with an Ace. This means that the implementation is correct. You may choose if this applies to all aces or just one ace when you make the game.

2) The implementation that I made, which me and yosh agreed on and did calculations on would INCREASE, yes INCREASE the players winnings is: dealer does not always go to 17, sometimes he stops before 17. The dealer draws cards while you do and stops when you do (but never goes above 17). This gives you the following advantages you should not have (which makes the game a lot easier):
   - You can see how many cards the dealer has and predict the value of those cards
   - The dealer may have a way low hand value when you play.
   - Removes the tactic of always holding on 12 and above.
   - Removes people reading up on black jack strategies thinking they can win an insane amount of tokens, trying to break the game.

Playing smartly you should win about 2/3 of all black jack games. I'm aware that some people play on making the dealer bust
in this implementation that tactic is not beneficial, there are however several other newish tactics, which if the players just weren't to
stupid and lazy they would find.

Now stop complaining or I will remove the game.

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#5 12-06-2010 23:49:16

From: Netherlands
Registered: 12-07-2005
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Re: black jack

Relax shogun. This isn't an attack on you at all. We are all used to casino rules and take that as the official ones. That's why anything done differently is seen as wierd. But it isn't an attack on you. And as a side note, I really like the blackjack game, although I am used to the casino rules as well.
Don't ask....




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