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#1 06-06-2011 18:31:49

Code Monkey
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Love letters to inanimate objects

For a game I'm one of the coders for (we hope to release for Android it sometime after the summer) we're doing a little game and I though you guys might enjoy it.

So write love letters to inanimate objects, once we have enough we'll have a vote and see who wins!

I'll start it off:
Dear garbage disposal system,

I have long had an admiration for your type of work. Taking the crap of society and destroying it, making the world a cleaner (and therefor better? place), just imagine the amount of good karma you are getting. I can imagine that constantly being filled with crap may be taxing for your psyche, I can help you there. I can understand where you are coming from (on an intellectual level, I don't actually have any experience of being filled with crap) and I'm an excellent listener. Unfortunately, anything else than friendship would be out of the picture for me, mainly since I'm already married and you do seem to utterly destroy anything you touch (which would make a love life complicated).

Let me hear back from you if you're interested in having a beer sometime, my phone number is 6 digits long and using some basic math you can figure it out just by looking at the numbers dail.

Looking forward to hearing from you,

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06-06-2011 18:31:49



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