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Ingame FAQ

#6. What are the statistics given to certain classes?
For information regarding classes, visit this page: the Marketplace you can find the GC Auction House. Here you can: <--- HUH?

1. Buy Gc from the Battered GC Merchant. At level 15 and above the GC Market will sell GC to you on a daily basis. How many you can buy, and the price of each, is related to your level. After you have reached level 15, the amount of GC you can buy is increased at midnight and you will be able to save up to 5 days worth of Gc purchases.

2. Sell Gc to the Auction House.

3. Bid on Gc auctions. When enough players Sell Gc to the Auction House, it goes up for auction (surprise)! This is a unique form of auctioning, however, in that it is a low-bid, secret-auction. Everyone can bid up to 5 times on every auction, and the winner of the auction is the one who has made the lowest unique bid. If you manage to be the lucky bidder, you will win the auctioned Gc. The GC auctions will be started when there's been enough Gc sold by players.

23rd December 2009.



18-11-2010 12:54:01


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Re: Ingame FAQ

lol :-D

SEMI-RETIRED from LA. Just like to visit here and there.




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