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#1 02-02-2013 12:16:10

Goth JR
From: New York
Registered: 01-02-2013
Posts: 5

Anyone in history

If you could go back in time and talk to one person, who would it be and what would you do/talk about?

I think I would go back and talk to Julius Caesar, maybe challenge him to a game of chess. Might seem kinda dull when you could go back and, I don't know, kill Hitler, but I imagine Caesar would have a lot to talk about.



02-02-2013 12:16:10


#2 02-02-2013 18:30:54

Mr. Romance
From: Vancouver, BC
Registered: 17-03-2005
Posts: 5518

Re: Anyone in history

One school of thought says "if you can go back in time, you go kill Hitler". That seems a terrible idea to me - the second world war was terrible, but many things changed from it. Sweden and America ditched their eugenics programs. The mess of WW1 was finally cleaned up.

I'd go meet Jesus (caveat for non-Christians: assuming he existed) and have a chat. Seems like he'd be pretty cool. If he didn't exist, I dunno, Tesla?



#3 03-02-2013 10:11:26

From: Netherlands
Registered: 12-07-2005
Posts: 10175

Re: Anyone in history

Time travel is a tricky business. Either you'll end up creating a paradox situation which might destroy the universe or you anything you do would pretty much be predetermined.

What I know from the physics of time travel is that it either is impossible, or you'll only be able to travel back to the time the time machine was switched on.

All that being said, I would probably travel back in time to roughly 5200BC to meet the first farmers to arrive in The Netherlands to ask them why they build their houses exclusively in a northwest to southeasterly direction.

Or maybe go to the place where you can now find the town of Oss, but go back to around 700BC and then ask the bugger who got buried there in the 'princely tomb' what his relationship is to the people living in the Hallstatt region at that same time. And I would most definitely ask them who they believe the Celts actually are.

Ask an archaeologist and you get very specific answers.
Don't ask....




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